Does the Lord Trust You?

We are taught to pray over our flocks and our fields (see Alma 34:24–25), and the Lord promises us He will prosper us—both spiritually and temporally. When the Nephites relied on the Lord, they saw their flocks and herds increase. We believe in this same promise, but we need to learn the same lesson that the Nephites learned. After the Lord caused them to prosper, they became prideful and eventually fell away from the Lord. The division between the rich and the poor became exaggerated, even to the point that the poor were not allowed to worship with the rich.

As we all work to become more temporally self-reliant, let’s not forget the spiritual attributes that we are trying to gain. Then, when we do succeed, we won’t forget that our blessings came from the Lord, and the Lord will entrust us with more blessings. Here are some of the spiritual attributes we should strive to develop:

Each time we listen to the Spirit and act on the impressions we receive, our Heavenly Father trusts us a little bit more. We become instruments in His hands to do His work.