Building Your Personal Brand

Whether it’s intentional or not, each of us is a brand. Those we work with attribute characteristics to us based on how we interact with them. To improve ourselves and to progress at work, we need to define who we are and act accordingly. How we act is our personal brand. It begins with the title on our resume and is reinforced by our actions.

In other words, talk is cheap. It’s how we lead out and treat people that matters most. Each of our actions defines us, and unfortunately, our negative actions often carry more sway than our positive ones. President Hinckley said:

Every personal brand begins with integrity.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your personal brand is effective in moving you in the right direction.

Our personal brand is not limited to those we work with. It should be based on who we really are as a person. Acting one way with one group and another way with a different group will only lead to personal confusion. Standing up for your religious beliefs and your personal values in a respectful way is very much a part of your brand. President Monson said:

Spiritual courage must be a part of your personal brand. As you live the gospel, lead with integrity and openness, and work hard to reach your goals, the Lord will bless you with insights as to how you should change to meet those goals.