Pure Religion Stories in PDF Format

Living Water in Africa

Neil and Marjorie Darlington served as humanitarian missionaries in Ghana, where their work included drilling and refurbishing wells, bringing clean water to 190,000 people.

In the Wake of Katrina: Service during Times of Distress

Thousands of members of the Church came to the aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina—many traveling long distances to help with cleanup in the hardest-hit areas.

A Thirst for Clean Water

When a pump was turned on and water began to flow from a tap near Maria’s home, she wept with joy. Now she would no longer have to experience the pain of losing her children to water-borne diseases. 

The Stairs That Lead to Home

After the Church provided funds to build new homes for people in Indonesia, Aisyah asked to keep the stairs from her old home—all that was left after the tsunami. 

Life-Changing Gift

Jean Kibuya, a disabled member in the DR Congo, said he had received many blessings since joining the Church, but his new wheelchair was a blessing he had never even hoped for. 

An Instrument in God’s Hands

Dr. Aws Hasan of Syria was able to save a baby girl’s life by using the techniques he learned in the neonatal resuscitation training provided by the Church.

Growing Self-Reliance

The Morales family in Ecuador learned techniques from the Benson Institute that helped them produce enough food for their own needs and store some of the surplus, as well as sell some in the market.

Rising from the Dust

Following a devastating earthquake, the Haitian people are implementing the principles of the welfare program and working toward self-reliance.

Sam Charlie’s Garden

With the help of the Latter-day Saint Charities Food Initiative, Sam Charlie and his family grow a large garden in the sandy, wind-blown soils of northern Arizona.

Will They Really Come Again?

Every year since 2007, Church-sponsored doctors have returned to the country of Kazakhstan to provide neonatal resuscitation training.

A New Vision

With training and equipment provided by the Church, ophthalmologists in Jordan are able to perform specialized procedures that help restore vision. 

A Joyous Occasion

Just a few weeks after receiving neonatal resuscitation training, Cecilia Dodzi, the Midwifery Officer in Ridge Regional Hospital in Accra, Ghana, saved the life of a baby by using the techniques she was taught. 

So Glad We Are Saving Lives

As a hygiene supervisor in Sierra Leone, Amarachi Cobinah sees how the hygiene training provided by the Church makes a profound difference in the lives of the villagers.