Latter-day Saint Charities

Small and simple things

Children fill containers from a manual-pump well.

Latter-day Saint Charities is an arm of the Church’s humanitarian efforts to relieve suffering for families of all nationalities and religions and offer hope with the potential for a better life for millions of people around the world.

Emergency Response

The Church strives to provide immediate assistance following disasters. The Church provides food and other relief supplies as needed. In 2009 the Church provided millions of dollars in relief aid.

Clean Water

Access to clean water improves health and family hygiene. The Church assists communities to establish wells and other drinking water systems to provide access to clean water. The Church also helps communities establish local water committees and provide hygiene training. The community donates labor and materials. Over 6.4 million people now have access to clean water because of this program.

Neonatal Resuscitation Training

This training saves the lives of newborns who struggle to breathe at birth. The Church provides skill training and resuscitation equipment to doctors, nurses, and midwives. Since 2002, over 168,000 health care workers have been trained in these life-saving techniques.

Vision Care

By improving the quality of eye care treatment delivered by local health care organizations, blindness and visual impairment may be avoided. The Church provides training, equipment, and supplies to assist local eye care professionals and programs. Since 2003, 506,000 people have benefitted from Church vision projects throughout the world.

Mobility Assistance

Provides mobility devices including wheelchairs for rough terrain, hospital wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and canes to physically disabled persons. Since 2002, over 350,000 people have received a wheelchair or other mobility assistance device.

Food Production

Raises the quality of life for urban and rural families through improved food production and nutrition. Since 2002, over 31,000 people have benefitted from this program.


Through ministries of health and the World Health Organization, Church contributions and local Church volunteers have provided life-saving immunizations to thousands of people. The Church has participated in 51 nationwide immunization campaigns in 35 countries since 2003.