Humanitarian Quilt Guidelines


Quilted and tied quilts are intended to warm not only the body but the spirit as well.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the quilts you donate are appropriate. Quality is more important than quantity.

Approximate Sizes

Crib: 45 x 60 inches

Twin: 72 x 90 inches

Full: 90 x 90 inches

Suggested Materials

  • Cotton, cotton-poly blend, or flannel (pre-shrunk if necessary).
  • Denim and corduroy are not preferred because they are slow to dry and heavier to ship.
  • Bonded poly batting about ½” thick is recommended for tied quilts.
  • 3- or 4-ply yarn or heavy Cro-sheen.


  • Quilts may be tied or quilted by hand or machine.
  • If quilt is pieced, make sure all seams are secured with ½-inch seams.

For Tied Quilts:

  • Ties should be approximately 4 inches apart.
  • Stitch should be approximately ¼" on the bottom.
  • Mark using chalk and make sure that stitches will fully cover the mark when tied.
  • Use double thread of 3- or 4-ply yarn or double thread of heavy Cro-sheen.
  • Square knot, back stitch, or international stitch are preferred.
  • Check underneath to make sure there are no knots.
  • Please ensure that ties cannot be pulled out.


  • Should be carefully done by hand or machine.
  • Below are two suggested methods:
  1. Pillow Case Method: Recommended If Tying without Frames
    • With right sides together, lay top and bottom of quilt on flat surface. Lay batting on top, and pin and sew three sides. Turn right side out and fold in the open end. Top-stitch around four edges. Sew another row 1 inch from the edges to secure batting.
  2. Roll Method:
    • Trim excess batting to allow you to bring the bottom of the quilt over the top piece, using the roll hem method. Pin and sew with a sturdy stitch.