We do family history work to find our ancestors and perform temple ordinances on their behalf. It can be difficult finding the names of ancestors needing ordinances to be performed. But we recommend presenting this opportunity for all the youth at some point during a youth event. Here are some tips to consider as you plan this portion of the youth event. 

  1. Location
    • Family History Center Research Format – Schedule a time with the Family History Consultants in the Family History Center when you can bring smaller groups to get personal one-on-one research assistance. You can set aside a weekly time to consistently meet or allow individuals to attend a one-time event at the Family History Center. You will need to devote about 30 minutes to an hour per individual in attendance and stagger the scheduling of participants. Click on the link below to find the nearest family history center.
    • Set up your own expanded research computer lab in the cultural hall of a local church building. You will need to ensure that you have the following to make this successful.
      1. A computer for each participant
      2. Internet Connection
      3. FamilySearch Account for each individual
      4. Family History Consultants to assist in the research process
  2. Research Steps
    • Search for a family name on FamilySearch.org
    • Ask the ward family history consultant to come and help guide the research process
    • Visit your local FamilySearch Center for a demonstration and help
    • Search your family tree on FamilySearch for temple opportunities
    • Ask living relatives for family information that can be added to the tree
    • Offer to help members of the ward or stake with their family names
    • g. Puzzilla.org can help with descendancy research for those that feel their tree is already complete (https://puzzilla.org/training)
      1. Go to the Puzzilla.org home page - Click on the blue box labeled "Ready? Click here to sign in to FamilyTree". Follow the prompts to sign in.
      2. Click on different colored symbols that represent ancestors and find the holes in the pattern for missing ancestors.

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