Start with a Personal Family History Experience

Find, Take, Teach

As a family history helper, you play an important role as the Lord hastens the work of salvation. The steps are simple:


Use the FamilySearch website or the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet to find the names of one or more of your ancestors or their descendants.


Take these names to the temple, or share them with others so they can take them to the temple. (When possible, do this as a family.)


Teach your family, and then teach others to do the same thing.

Seek Out a Personal Experience

  • Contact your high priests group leader, a family history consultant in your ward, or the family history center director in your stake using LDS tools. 
  • Ask that person to help you find a name to take to the temple. You will need your user ID and the last 5 digits of your record number, found on your temple recommend.
  • Continue working with him or her as you find more names until you feel confident finding names.
  • When comfortable, ask him or her to work with you as you prepare a teaching experience for someone else.

Deepen Your Understanding