Healing Families

Mandy Phillips accepts Elder Andersen’s temple challenge and is reunited with her grandparents she hasn’t seen in 20 years.

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Mandy Phillips discovered Elder Andersen’s temple challenge on social media and through it, reconnected with her grandparents she’d lost contact with twenty years earlier. You can watch their tender reunion in the above video.

Like Mandy, you can experience blessings too, as you participate in your own family history. Through sincere prayer and by trusting that the Lord will help and guide you, you can be led to have special experiences of your own.

Doing family history is getting easier all the time. Every day the amount of family information available online grows, and with advancing technology, that information is becoming more and more accessible to anyone and everyone—including you.

Are you ready to get started on your family history? It’s not too late to join the temple challenge. Take some time to discover the many resources available to help you find your own family names.