Family History Is for Everyone

9 Fun Ways  to Participate

Family history is much more than dates, records, and research. Learn below how new online resources make it easier than ever for anyone—young or old—to be blessed by participating in family history. 



Watch how a different view of family history can make a difference in our lives.

9 Fun Ways to Participate in Family History 

1. Interview family members and share stories online

  • Preserving living memory and connecting with family members are important aspects of family history. Using a digital recorder, smartphone app, or camera allows you not only to preserve stories but also to share them online. allows patrons to upload and share transcribed stories

2. Take and share photos

  • Taking photos of living relatives, heirlooms, and so forth, can provide powerful experiences for future generations. The new photo sharing application on allows patrons to upload photos and add names, descriptions, and other information. 

3. Print and share a chart

  • A fun way to share what you are learning about your family is through an easy-to-understand fan chart. Make your chart online and share it with family, or help someone else create their own chart.

4. Prepare ancestors' names for the temple

  • Family Tree helps you find opportunities to do the temple work for your own ancestors, bringing great blessings to them and to yourself in the process.

5. Record what you learn on

  • As you begin learning more about your ancestors, add their information to the Family Tree on and share it with family members. 

6. Index records for online searching

  • Indexing helps others who are searching for their family by making the world's records searchable online. Millions of records are indexed worldwide each year. Learn about participating in indexing.

7. Start a personal or family blog

  • Keeping a personal or family blog can be a fun way to record important life experiences for future posterity and also share them with living family and friends. Many online blogging services are free and easy to use. 

8. Make use of social media

  • Take advantage of the sharing tools on, to share photos, images of important documents, or other updates with your family through social media.

9. Create a digital scrapbook

  • Creating a digital scrapbook can be easier than making traditional scrapbooks. It can take less time, requires no materials, allows you to undo mistakes, and makes sharing easy. Various digital scrapbooking programs are available online.



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