Family History Brings Power to the Living

The blessings of family history aren’t reserved for after death. You and your family can be blessed now.

Participating in family history can strengthen families much like regular prayer, scripture study, and service do. And it brings with it its own unique promises of assistance from beyond the veil.



Watch how the Morrison family was blessed by participating in family history.

Promised Blessings

Learn more about just some of the blessings that family history brings to the living.

  1. Find protection from the adversary
    Watch Elder Scott testify of the spiritual protection available to those who participate in family history.
  2. Receive assistance in all the affairs of life.
    Learn what modern Apostles have taught about receiving help from beyond the veil.
  3. Bring your family closer together.
    Read "You Removed My Sadness," an experience in which family history helped reconnect estranged family members.
  4. Deepen your conversion 
    Watch Elder Bednar testify of the deepening conversion that comes to those who participate in family history.
  5. Experience light and knowledge through the Holy Ghost 
    Read an experience that illustrates the spiritual promptings that can flow into your life through family history.

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