General Information: Disabilities

Our Father in Heaven loves and knows all of His children. He is aware of all the challenges we face. Individuals have been given many unique gifts that can be used to bless and serve those around them. Every person is needed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of disability, all of God’s children merit the opportunity to learn and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As you face your own life challenges, prayerfully consider these truths:

  • The minds and spirits of all of God’s children are capable of growth.
  • Every child of God adds richness and value to the human family and to the Church.
  • Sacred covenants are intended to bless the lives of all those who desire to participate.
  • All members of the Church, including those with differences or disabilities, should have meaningful opportunities to minister, teach, and lead.
  • A disability is not a punishment—neither to the individual nor the parents (see John 9:1–7).
  • Members are encouraged to become engaged in their communities and support positive awareness and change that preserve differences among our society.

Everyone has something to contribute. To all, may we say it is our blessing and responsibility to follow the example of Jesus and seek out the one.