First Presidency Statement on Disabilities

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working to provide easier access to its buildings and facilities for people with disabilities. We also are seeking more creative ways of providing religious training for those with physical, mental, and emotional impairments. But there is an even greater need to reduce the barriers imposed by a lack of understanding and acceptance of those who have disabilities.

We urge leaders, teachers, neighbors, friends, and families to:

  • Help increase awareness and understanding of disabilities.
  • Accept those with disabilities as children of God and help them to feel respected, loved, and understood.
  • Provide opportunities for members with disabilities to learn about the Savior and pattern their lives after Him.
  • Assist in the successful Church participation of people with disabilities and the appreciation of their unique gifts.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for members with disabilities to serve, teach, and lead others.

It is our opportunity and our responsibility to follow the example of Jesus in loving our neighbors, and that includes those with disabilities.

(Church News, Apr. 29, 1989, 7)