Step by Step

Weekly Donations

Policy and Principles

  • Those who handle the Lord’s funds should be full-tithe payers.
  • Always follow the companionship principle when handling Church donations. Read more about the companionship principle.
  • Never leave funds unattended or unsecured.
  • Where possible, deposit funds on the same day they are collected, counted, and recorded.



Follow these steps to process donations:

  1. Receive donations. Read more about receiving donations.
  2. Open envelopes and verify amounts. Each person should see what was in each envelope and what each of the requested donation categories are.
  3. Record the donations. Read more about recording donations.
  4. Review and verify totals, and then approve the donations for final submission.
  5. Prepare the bank deposit, following the instructions for the local area.
  6. File donation documents.
  7. Deposit the money at the bank, following the instructions for the local area. Read more about depositing donations.