Step by Step

Referral Manager

What Is a Referral?

A referral is a request for someone to be taught by local missionaries. Some people refer themselves through websites like or when visiting Church sites such as pageants and visitors’ centers. Others are referred by missionaries or members who know the person.

Notifying Ward Mission Leaders of Referrals

As a ward mission leader, you share responsibility with the full–time missionaries to ensure that individuals referred to your ward are promptly visited by the full-time missionaries and are supported by the ward as they learn about the gospel. With the ward council, you assign appropriate ward members to help teach and fellowship each person referred.

To help you with your responsibilities for referrals:

  • Your contact information will be shared with missionaries or members who send a referral to your ward, so they can collaborate with you to help the people they referred to your ward. To update your contact information, go to You can opt out of sharing your contact information under App Settings in Referral Manager. Please note that only ward mission leaders residing in the United States will be opted in by default.
  • You will receive an email notification when a referral is assigned to your ward.
  • You can view and update the status of referrals assigned to your ward in Referral Manager (a web application used to send and receive referrals).

To access Referral Manager, visit: and log in using your Church Account username and password.

Referral Manager Features

Help Center

The following are the basic features of Referral Manager (numbers on the screenshot coincide with descriptions below):

  1. The globe icon is used to change the display language of the app.
  2. The person icon is used to manage notification settings, report a problem, provide feedback, chat with support, or log out.
  3. Referrals Received is a list of everyone who has been referred to meet with missionaries in your ward.
  4. Referrals Sent is a list of everyone you have referred to missionaries outside of the ward.

On the Referrals Sent and Referrals Received lists you can:

  • Use the filters on the left to limit who is displayed on your lists. (Note: The default Date Received filter is set to the last three months.)
  • Click or tap on the person’s name to view or edit his or her full record information, including referral status and referring member information

Updating the Referral Status

Keeping the referral status up to date helps the referring member, missionaries, and Church leaders know that the referred person has been contacted and is being cared for. To update a person’s referral status:

  1. Navigate to the person’s record and select the appropriate status in the Status field.
  2. If prompted to enter a date, pick the date that most closely reflects when the person’s status changed.

Reassigning a Referral

If a referral was incorrectly assigned to your ward, you can reassign it in Referral Manager. Go to the person’s record, and do the following:

  1. Update the address or map pin to reflect the correct location. Then select from the updated list of Teaching Area options. Or, if the address is correct, click EDIT to change the mission or Teaching Area assignment without altering the street address.
  2. After making changes, click SAVE to reassign the referred person.

When you reassign a referral, a notification will be sent to the assigned missionaries and ward or branch mission leader.