Step by Step

Prepare Stake and Ward Budgets



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Stake Presidencies and Bishoprics:
Review amounts spent during the previous year.


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Ask organizations to estimate their budget needs for the coming year.


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Compile the budget by using wise budgeting practices, being equitable, and ensuring projected expenses do not exceed anticipated budget allowance funds.


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Allocate budget allowance funds to each category and subcategory as approved by the stake president or bishop.


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Print the budget report, and review it with the stake president or bishop.

Policy and Principles

Every stake and ward prepares a budget to manage their funding throughout the year. The stake president manages the stake budget, and the bishop manages the ward budget. Each may assign a counselor or clerk to supervise and monitor the budget.

No stake or ward expenses may be incurred or paid without the presiding officer’s authorization.

Stake presidencies and bishoprics should begin preparing budgets well before the beginning of each calendar year as follows:

  • Review amounts spent during the previous year to make sure that recurring expenses are considered.
  • Ask organizations to estimate their budget needs in detail.
  • Compile the budget, using wise budgeting practices, being equitable, and ensuring that projected expenses do not exceed anticipated budget allowance funds.

The budget allowance was created to reduce the financial and time burdens on members. If necessary, leaders should reduce and simplify activities to stay within the allowance.
Most activities should be simple and have little or no cost.

LCR Procedures

Updating Budget Subcategories

The Church established global standard subcategories under the “Budget” category. In addition, stakes and wards can add unit-defined subcategories. For example, a ward may want to separate the “Young Men” subcategory into separate unit subcategories for deacons, teachers, and priests.

When adding or updating unit subcategories, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Unit subcategories can be added only to the “Budget” and “Local” categories.
  2. You can create a unit subcategory only under a permanent subcategory, not under a category itself. For example, the “Budget” category has several permanent subcategories that cannot be deleted, such as “Activities,” “Elders,” “Relief Society,” and so on. You would choose one of these to create a unit subcategory.
  3. The ward missionary fund has subcategories, but they are set up by the Missionary Department of the Church and correspond to all missionaries called from your ward who are part of the equalized payment system. They cannot be added to or deleted.

Click the Manage Categories tab. The “Budget” subcategories will be displayed. Click the pencil icon to the left of the subcategory to display and edit information about that subcategory.

Adding Unit Subcategories

If you want to divide a subcategory further, click Add Unit Subcategory. Click the Category drop-down menu, and choose the appropriate category. Type a name in the Unit Subcategory Name field. Click the appropriate Permissions box(es) to give access to the group(s) that will be able to see information in this category. Click Save.

Changing Unit Subcategory Names

Click the pencil icon. The Unit Subcategory name appears in an editable box. Click in the box and change the name. Click Save.

Activate or Deactivate Subcategories

Click a category or a unit subcategory. If the category is active, there will be a check mark in the “Active” checkbox. Uncheck the box to make it inactive. Click Save. There is no ability to delete a unit subcategory. If a unit subcategory is inactive for an extended period of time, it will be removed automatically.

Changing Category Permissions

Click the box(es) next to the name(s) of the group(s) to give leaders in the group(s) access to a particular budget. Click the box next to “Active” to make it active. Click Save to save changes. Removing a check from the “Active” box makes it inactive.

Prepare Annual Budget

Click the Prepare Annual Budget tab. This shows the estimated annual budget, the budget that has already been assigned by the unit, and the amount available still to assign. Click the arrow next to “Annual Budget Estimated/Actual” to view the quarterly budget breakdowns. Past quarters show the unchangeable actual budgets for the quarter. Future quarters may have an estimated budget in the field. This amount can be changed if necessary.

Click the arrow next to “Budget Assigned by Unit” to view the budget breakdown by subcategories. Add amounts in the Budget Assigned by Unit fields. Click Copy 2018 Data to copy last year’s data into the fields. Then adjust the amounts as needed. Click Save.