My Home Overview

What is the My Home web experience?

You carry the gospel in your heart and in your hands. And now is going to put it at your fingertips too. The My Home experience provides you personalized content, tools, and resources tailored to you and your calling.

The My Home experience includes three distinct pages:

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Calling
  3. My Favorites


The dashboard is your starting place on the My Home experience. Here you will find an inspirational content feed, Newsroom feed, this week’s Come, Follow Me lesson, personalized quick links for your calling, and upcoming events. And the dashboard gives you the ability to take names to the temple in a single click.

Here you can also update your account settings, including topics you’re interested in and which country you would like your news from. (It will default to the country you currently reside in.)


  • Inspiration Feed: An inspirational feed of revolving, original content—the kind of articles that can assist you in your personal gospel journey, help deepen your important relationships, and offer practical life guidance in areas of interest to you, whoever you are and wherever you and your family live.
  • Newsroom Feed: A feed featuring the latest happenings of the Church and its people around the world. Although the feed defaults to your local country newsroom, you can simply change which country displays by updating your settings.
  • This Week’s Come, Follow Me Lesson: Keep up with the weekly Come, Follow Me schedule by studying the lesson with a single click.
  • Quick Links: Links that are tailored to you based on your calling, as well as links to the most used tools and resources.
  • Upcoming Events: A running calendar of upcoming local unit and Church-sponsored events that lets you set the focus on what’s happening in your area, city, and country. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to certain calendars in your local unit so that you only see what matters to you. Explore more about how to use the Church calendar.
  • Take a Name to the Temple: Choose a temple ordinance you would like to participate in, and with a single click you will be brought to FamilySearch with a list of names to print and take to the temple.
  • Account Settings: Choose topics you are interested in, and take control of what displays on your dashboard. Updating your personalization settings can improve your experience using based on your personal needs and interests.

My Calling

My Calling now includes a list of trainings tailored to your current calling so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible and know where to find your training resources. We are actively working on this page and will be releasing many more useful tools and features over time.


  • Tailored list of training resources for your specific calling
  • More to come soon!

My Favorites

My Favorites is where you can store articles that you want to refer to later. While we are working to extend favorites to other areas of the website, currently you can only favorite articles that are published in the Inspiration feed.

While browsing the Inspiration feed, click the little heart by an article to favorite it. It is now saved to your My Favorites page!

Try it out and let us know what you think

Sign in at or follow the new account prompts and navigate to the settings that await your direction! To provide feedback, click the blue Feedback button on the right-hand side.

How to access My Home

There are several ways to access My Home.

  • Click Sign In on the home page.
  • Click the person icon at the top right and click My Home.
  • Bookmark and go directly to the experience.