Step by Step

Guide to the Referral Process

This guide details the referral process. It includes instructions for creating a referral and searching for a referral.


The following describes the typical process for submitting referrals for counseling or employment resources online.

  1. Initiate: The bishop initiates a referral by clicking on the + Referral button from the Welfare Resources home page.
  2. Submit: After completing a referral, the bishop submits the referral using the Submit button.
  3. Follow Up: When Deseret Industries or Development Counseling Services receives a referral, a staff member will contact the referred individual and then follow up with the bishop. When Family Services receives a referral, a Family Services counselor will contact the bishop for more specific information according to the instructions the bishop provided.


The following describes the typical process for creating and submitting a referral online.

Help Center:

  1. Click + Referral from the Welfare Resources home page. This will open a referral form.
  2. Select a referral type from the drop-down menu.
    • Deseret Industries offers paid, temporary work in a work training setting and access to Development Counseling Services.
    • Development Counseling Services offers counseling and assessment for employability challenges.
    • Family Services offers counseling that includes behavioral health, marriage, addictions, single expectant parents, pre-mission assessment, and more.
  3. Choose a ward or branch member from the menu as the person being referred. If the person you are referring is not a member of your ward or branch, choose Recipient is not in this list, and manually input the person’s name. Provide the referred individual’s contact information.
  4. Provide additional information about the referral by completing the available fields. These differ depending on the referral type but may require you to describe the visit type, reason for referral, or method of payment.
  5. Input your contact information (as the person submitting the referral) in the appropriate fields.
  6. For a Deseret Industries or Development Counseling Services referral:
    • Click the Authorization for Services checkbox.
    • If there are multiple Deseret Industries or Development Counseling Services locations nearby, you may choose to change the location of services if desired using Select Another Nearby Location.
  7. Using the buttons below the form, you can choose to Submit the referral once all relevant information is provided, Clear all fields, or Close without saving.


Leaders can search and view referrals under the Referrals tab. This section explains how to do so.

Help Center:

To search referrals, navigate to the Referrals tab, enter the desired search criteria, and choose Apply. To search for a specific individual, type the name of the referred person in the Person Name search field. To view all referrals from a certain date range, change the Dates field. To view a list of all referrals of a specific type, select the desired option in the Referral Type field. To view a list of all referrals, click Apply without adding any additional search criteria.

To view a referral, click on it from the search results.