Stretch Cotton

Nursing Crossover Becomes Crossover

The crossover top has proven to be effective for both nursing and non-nursing women, so the Nursing Crossover Tops have been changed to simply Crossover Tops and are now merchandised in stores with garments of the same fabric instead of with maternity garments.


May 14, 2019

Stretch Cotton Garments

With its super-soft blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, Stretch Cotton combines breathability with four-way stretch for maximum comfort. Stretch Cotton garments fit more snugly than other styles, helping to reduce their external visibility and stay in place better. A new design delivers cool comfort and support while stretch polyester mesh side panels dry quickly and allow airflow.

For men, design features include shorter sleeves, a soft elastic waistband, a supportive brief-style bottom, semi-flat performance seams, printed labels, and two new neckline options.

For women, design features include a redesigned sleeve to eliminate excess fabric under the arm, a soft elastic waistband, simple silky binding, hems without lace, semi-flat performance seams, printed labels, and customized fits for average or full bust and lower or natural waist. Styles include crossover, maternity, and chemise tops; and natural waist, lower waist, and mid-calf bottoms.

Maternity and Crossover Garments

The maternity chemise-style top was completely redesigned and features side gathers. These gathers and the stretchy fabric help to accommodate a growing belly while maintaining a close fit and avoiding excess fabric. The tops are available in two bust sizes. The maternity bottom features an extra-wide stretch mesh front panel for increased comfort and close fit.

For nursing mothers, the crossover top and signature stretch provide for easy access and a close fit, while the mesh side panels help to keep the wearer cool and dry. Crossover tops are also available in two bust sizes.

The updated fit and design for maternity and crossover garments is more in line with modern clothing.

Updated Mid-Calf Garment Bottom

The redesigned mid-calf bottom in Stretch Cotton fabric features an extra-wide “yoga”-style waistband made of stretch mesh. The leg cuffs are made of the same stretch mesh fabric, which is also included in the inner-leg panels for better airflow and faster drying time. Benefits of mid-calf bottoms include extra warmth and cleaner lines beneath clothing.

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