Square Neck Neckline Adjustments

When the lace binding was replaced with a matte binding on the women’s DriSilque and Nylon Mesh square neck tops, there was an effect that rounded the corners and created a V-neck appearance. In late 2023, due to customer feedback, we made a change in manufacturing to make the neckline more similar to the way it was with the lace in both the front and the back.

Chemise Center Seam

When the lace binding was replaced with a matte binding on women’s DriSilque chemise tops, the elastic gather in the middle of the bust was also removed. Customer feedback has shown our intention to preserve the neckline to be unsuccessful. We are testing possible ways to address this issue.

Standardized Elastic

In late 2021, the elastic used in garment waistbands was standardized across fabrics to provide a more consistent experience. This change affected Carinessa, Cotton-Poly, DriSilque, and Nylon Mesh for women; and Cotton-Poly, DriLux, Corban, and Nylon Mesh for men.

Lace Removed from Women’s Garments

In early 2021, we began removing lace from women’s garment tops and switching to a standardized, plain binding due to updated customer preferences. This also makes the binding less visible under clothing.

Discontinuing Selected Garment Products

Making Way for Men’s Stretch Cotton

The Church is committed to providing quality garment products that meet members’ needs now and in the future. Following the introduction of women’s Stretch Cotton garments, the product line was extended in 2018 to include men’s Stretch Cotton styles. To accommodate this growth, several styles were discontinued:

  • Men’s Cotton-Poly Rib Knit round neck top
  • Women’s 100% Cotton square neck top
  • DriSilque bed care garment

Making Way for New Garments

Beehive Clothing is committed to providing quality garment products that will better meet members’ needs. In anticipation of bringing new products to our shelves, a few selected products were discontinued in 2017.

Discontinued Garment Products

  • Dri Lux top and bottom
  • DriSilque flare-leg one-piece
  • DriSilque snug-leg one-piece (petite and tall statures only)
  • Cotton-Poly mid-calf bottom
  • Cotton-Poly zipper-front one-piece
  • Nylon Mesh one-piece
  • Corban one-piece (tall stature only)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you discontinue these garments?
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