Step by Step

Bishop’s Settings

The “Settings” tab allows bishops to set notification preferences, choose a default order pickup location, update the unit’s default contact information, and add preparers.


The system can send notifications to leaders, order preparers, and recipients throughout the order process. This section controls how and when these notifications are sent.

By default, the bishop receives a notification when a preparer submits an order for approval.

If a bishop does not wish to receive notifications by text or email, he may select the option I will instruct preparers and others to notify me. When this option is selected, the system will not send the bishop any notifications.

To receive notifications via text message and/or email, enter your information here, and click  Save Settings.


This setting is only available to bishops. Some bishops’ storehouses provide delivery services for bulk food orders to units whose members live far away from a storehouse. In these areas, deliveries are typically made to meetinghouses on a predetermined schedule. If most members in a certain ward live closer to a pickup location than to the storehouse, the bishop may select this location as a default for his ward. To do so, he selects the desired default pickup location from the drop-down list and clicks  Save Settings.


Staff members will call the bishop at this phone number if they have questions while filling an order. Only bishops have access to this setting. To change this phone number, enter the correct phone number in the form, and click Save Settings.


This section is only available to bishops. By default, the Relief Society president, the bishop, and his counselors can prepare orders. The bishop must authorize any additional adult ward members who will help prepare orders. He must also add them to the preparer list. He can do this using this setting.

To add a preparer, click in  the “Add a preparer” text box, and select a person from the list. This list will include all adult members of the ward as well as other members who have service assignments in the unit (e.g., service missionaries).

All preparers must have an LDS Account that is associated with their membership record number. If the bishop adds a preparer who does not have an LDS Account or whose LDS Account is not associated with the membership record number, a notice (“Needs an LDS Account”) will appear in the “Status” column for that person. This notice may also show for a few hours after adding a new preparer while the systems synchronize.

For information about LDS Accounts, please see the help articles at

To delete preparers, choose Delete in the “Calling” column on the appropriate row, then choose OK.