Preparing Your Child for Temple Baptisms and Confirmations

Young women and ordained young men can receive temple recommends beginning January of the year they turn 12. If your child turns 12 this year, now is a great time to help him or her prepare to go to the temple and participate in temple baptisms! Below is the fourth in a five-part series of articles and activities to help you prepare together.

PART 4 of 5: Temple and Family History Blessings

Temple and Family History Blessings

One way to help prepare your child for temple baptisms is to talk about the blessings that come from this type of service. This can also help build the anticipation and excitement for that first, special visit to the temple.

Blessings for the Dead—and for the Living

When we remember the feelings we had at our own baptism and confirmation, it is easier to imagine the joy felt by those who receive these ordinances by proxy. Imagining their joy is a sweet experience. At the same time, have you ever wondered if there are blessings available to those here on earth who come to know, cherish, and serve their ancestors in the temple?

Prophets and apostles have promised amazing blessings to those who participate in temple and family history work. They include:

Power to change . . .
Power to learn . . .
Increased faith in the Savior . . .
Protection against the adversary . . .

There are many others.  Watch “The Promised Blessings of Family History” video below to hear more:

Temple and Family History Blessings Video


ACTIVITY: As a family, take a few moments to talk about the blessings mentioned in the video.

Which ones stand out to you?  If you could choose one of the blessings and apply it in your life right now, which would it be?  Which of these blessings do you look forward to receiving?

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