Oração dedicatória

Templo de Freiberg Alemanha, 29 de junho de 1985

Almighty God, Thou great Elohim, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we bow before Thee in prayer and thanksgiving. On this day of dedication our hearts turn to Thee. We thank Thee for this holy temple in this land and nation. We thank Thee for all who have made possible its building—the officers of the government who have given encouragement and made available land and materials, the architects and the builders, and all who have made possible this glorious day of dedication. We are grateful unto Thee that it is now complete and that we may present it to Thee, our beloved Father, and to Thine Only Begotten Son, the Savior of the world. Wilt Thou accept it as the offering of Thy grateful sons and daughters.

Thou knowest we have long prayed that we might have a temple in our midst. Thou knowest that we love Thee, and that we love the ordinances and blessings of Thy house. We thank Thee that we are able to worship Thee in spirit and in truth. We thank Thee that we may now come to this sanctuary and feel of the hallowed influence here to be found.

We are grateful that prior to this dedication tens of thousands of the people of this land visited this sacred edifice. They partook of its beauty and its influence. We humbly pray that their coming may have brought them to greater appreciation for the good and the beautiful elements of Thine everlasting truth. We are met here today as people of various nations bound by a common love for Thee our Father and Thy Son, the Redeemer of all mankind. We thank Thee for the peace which makes this possible and for the hospitality of this nation in permitting us to join together in this house of sacred worship. Our hearts are touched by the bond of fellowship we feel one with another. Strengthen that bond, and may we reach out in a spirit of love and appreciation and respect for one another. This gospel, which so deeply touches our lives, is the gospel of peace. May we grow in knowledge and understanding of Thine everlasting plan for Thy children, Thy sons and daughters of all nations.

We thank Thee for the consecrations of Thy people which have supplied the means for the building of this sacred house. Bless them each one. Smile with favor upon them and may they feel of Thy divine love. We pray that all who have contributed to this sacred undertaking shall be blessed of Thee with the good things of the earth and the divine things of heaven, and that all shall live with gratitude unto Thee and thanksgiving for Thy great beneficence.

Father, we thank Thee for the measure of peace to be found in the world, and pray that it may continue and grow that men and women everywhere may use their time, their talents, and their means for good. May understanding and respect increase between the nations of the earth.

Comfort and sustain the widow and her children. Soften the loneliness of the bereaved husband who has lost his companion. May each know that through Thy divine providence the sacred bonds of marriage may be made eternal and everlasting. Thou hast restored the priesthood which will be exercised in this house, binding in the heavens as it binds upon the earth, sealing together husbands and wives, parents and children, in generations of families united eternally.

Now, beloved Father, in the authority of the Holy Priesthood in us vested and in the name of Jesus Christ, we dedicate unto Thee and unto Thy Son this the Freiberg DDR Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We dedicate it as Thy holy habitation. Wilt Thou accept of it, dear Father, and wilt Thou sanctify it that all who come here may feel the presence of Thy Holy Spirit. We consecrate it for the great and holy work which will be performed herein. May it be as a bright and shining star to Thy faithful sons and daughters. May the truths herein taught and the ordinances herein performed be accepted with thankful hearts by those who love Thee as our Father and our God.

Bless this house, we pray Thee. May Thy watchcare be over it. May it be preserved from the storms of nature and from any defiling hand or act of man. May it be a place of holiness, a house of peace, a sanctuary of righteousness. May those who enter its doors come with clean hands and pure thoughts. May they leave with joy and peace in their hearts, and sing songs of thanksgiving and worship unto Thee.

Bless the fathers and the mothers among Thy saints that they may be examples to their children, and nurture them with love and truth. Bless the children that they shall honor and respect and love their parents. May Thy peace abide in the homes of Thy people. Smile with favor upon them and grant unto them Thy rich and cherished blessings. May none go hungry or naked or without shelter from storms that blow about them. May knowledge of Thee and Thy ways grow in their hearts and minds. May their love for Thee strengthen. May they reach out with love to their fellowmen, walking in righteousness and faith as becomes the saints of God.

To Thee we lift our voices in anthems of praise. To Thee we pledge our love. To Thee we pray with faith and gratitude. May this day long be remembered in the annals of Thy Church. May it be recalled with gratitude and appreciation. May it mark the beginning of a new day of gladness for Thy people. May their tears turn to smiles. May their burdens be lightened. May their cares be lifted. May the assurance that Thou art near strengthen every heart.

Eternal Father, accept of our thanks. Hear our prayer. Smile with favor upon us. Forgive our sins and shortcomings. Shelter and protect us from evil. Accept of our offering of this house. Bless it from the footings to the top of the tower, its walls, its roof, its halls and rooms and altars, and all the furnishings and fixtures thereof.

As we dedicate this house we dedicate ourselves anew to Thee and to Thine eternal purposes. O God, Thou great everlasting Father, for these things we pray as Thy thankful children and bear testimony of Thee and Thy Beloved Son, in His Holy Name, even the name of the Redeemer of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.