Dedicatory Prayer

Dallas Texas Temple, 5 March 1989

O God our Eternal Father, we come unto Thee in the name of Thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Wilt Thou hear our words, we humbly pray.

Many present today were here when this Thy holy house was originally dedicated. We have recognized the answers concerning many things asked for in that prayer. The work in this Thy holy house has grown to a degree where it has become necessary to add to the facilities originally built. We thank Thee for the faith and the great activity of Thy Saints which have made necessary the enlargement of this Thy holy house and the improvement of its facilities.

We thank Thee for the consecrations of Thy people across the world who with faith have paid their tithes and offerings making it possible to maintain and add to this sacred structure.

As we have added to the building, we now add a prayer of dedication covering these new areas.

We particularly dedicate on this occasion the new baptistry, the new sealing room, the new endowment room, as well as all other facilities which have been added. We dedicate these as a part of the Dallas Texas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and do it as Thy servants acting in the authority of the Holy Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, Thy Beloved Son. We dedicate these additions unto Thee and unto Him as areas of Thy holy house to which we invite Thee and Him.

We thank Thee for the great saving ordinance of baptism for the dead. When He walked the earth Thy Beloved Son declared that "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." (John 3:5)

The requirement pertains to both the living and the dead. Thy divine revelation has set forth in our time the necessity of this sacred work, a vicarious work performed by living proxies in behalf of those beyond the veil of death. Please accept of the service of those who come to this font, both young and old, to perform these necessary ordinances. May all who act therein, whether they be young or old, know that they are doing that which Thou hast indicated must be done. Wilt Thou bless them by Thy holy spirit to know that their service is a divine service given to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. May there be an ever-increasing desire, particularly among the young people of Thy church, to come to this Thy holy house to perform this sacred ordinance. As they do so, wilt Thou touch them by the power of Thy spirit to know that this which they do is of Thee and is a part of Thy divine plan to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of Thy sons and daughters of all generations.

Bless the baptistry, the dressing rooms, and all associated facilities that they may be useful in fulfilling Thine everlasting purposes.

We dedicate the new endowment room, in which there will be given Thy revealed word concerning the eternal journey of man and the purposes for which the earth was created that he might dwell thereon and work out his salvation.

We dedicate the new sealing room and pray that all who serve therein and all who partake of the ordinances there to be given may be touched by Thy holy spirit to know with certainty of the immortality of the soul, of the validity of the sacrifice and resurrection of Thy Beloved Son, and of the eternity of the family through the exercise of the Holy Priesthood in this Thy house. Bless the ordinance workers that they shall not grow weary but shall know that their service is pleasing unto Thee and of great benefit to Thy sons and daughters. Bless those who receive these eternal ordinances that they may know that these are blessings precious beyond price not to be had in any other circumstances.

Now bless all of the facilities that have been added to this Thy house, and continue Thy blessings as we have previously pleaded upon this entire structure that all may function harmoniously together for the fulfillment of Thy divine purposes. We reaffirm our prayer at the time of the original dedication and add this prayer as a supplement to that, that they may be heard together by Thee and engraven together in the book of remembrance which is kept before Thee.

We thank Thee for all who have gathered on this sacred occasion. Many have traveled great distances. May they feel that their efforts have been rewarded, and may they return safely to their homes having been renewed in spirit and in love for Thee and Thy Son. Bless all of Thy faithful Saints in this temple district. Bless them in their substance as well as in their testimony.

Look with favor upon them, and open the windows of heaven and pour down Thy blessings.

We pray for Thy prophet of this day, even President Ezra Taft Benson. We pray for all associated with him in the governance of Thy work. We pray for the teachers and the officers in Thy church in all the world that they may be inspired and build faith in all of their undertakings.

Again we pray that Thou wilt thwart the evil designs of the adversary that they shall come to naught. We pray for the missionaries who go into the world to teach Thine everlasting gospel that they may be watched over and protected and led to those who will accept the everlasting truth. Bless those who come into the Church through the waters of baptism and the blessing of the Holy Ghost that they may grow in faith and strength and activity.

Father, we love Thee. We love Thy Son our Savior. We love Thy work. We love Thy people. Help us to reflect in our lives the love of which we speak.

On this day of dedication we rededicate ourselves to Thy service, praying that we may grow in faith and testimony, in power and purpose, and in fidelity to Thee, walking in obedience to Thy commandments, all of which we humbly ask in the name of our Redeemer, our Savior, Thine Only Begotten in the flesh, Thy Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.