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What happened in the premortal life?

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What happened in the premortal life?

Prepare Yourself Spiritually

Before we were born, we lived with Heavenly Father as His spirit children. In the Council in Heaven, the Father presented to us His plan of salvation, and Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior. Satan sought to amend the plan, taking away our agency, and he and his followers were cast out. We accepted our Father’s plan and chose to follow Jesus Christ.

Resources to Help You Prepare

These resources are to help you prepare for the “Learn together” section of the meeting.

Questions to Ponder before You Teach

Think about the choices you have made in life. What influence has your knowledge of the premortal life had on those choices? How will your choices affect your eternal destiny?

What choices are the young men making now that will bless their lives in the eternities? What choices could adversely affect their eternal destinies?

What can the young men do to prepare to learn? For example, they could read a talk, watch a video, or study a scripture related to this doctrine.

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

The Savior shared simple stories, parables, and real-life examples that made sense to His disciples. This lesson provides a great opportunity for you to share examples of choices you made that changed your life. What experiences could the young men share?

Video: “Know and Love Us”

Meeting Outline

1. Counsel Together and Share Experiences

Led by a member of the quorum presidency; approximately 5–10 minutes

Lead a discussion about items such as the following:

  • Our quorum: Who is missing today? What visits do we need to make? Who should we invite to an upcoming activity? Who needs our help and prayers?

  • Our duties: What assignments do we need to make? What assignments have we fulfilled? How have we invited others to come unto Christ, and how can we invite others now?

  • Our lives: Remind the quorum of the discussion from the last meeting. What experiences have we had with applying what we learned? What experiences have we had in the past few weeks that strengthened our testimonies of the gospel?

If possible, discuss these items beforehand in a quorum presidency meeting.

2. Learn Together

Led by a leader or teacher or a member of the quorum; approximately 25–35 minutes

After studying the above resources and following the inspiration of the Spirit, you may select one or more of the activities below to help quorum members understand the doctrine.

  • Ask each young man to read one of the following: Jeremiah 1:5; Alma 13:3; Abraham 3:22–23. Invite the young men to look for truths they learn from these scriptures about the premortal life. How do these truths about the premortal life influence the way we see our mortal lives?

  • Ask the young men to make a list of some of the challenges people face during mortal life. Invite them to read about premortal life in True to the Faith (pages 115–16), looking for truths that could help people face these challenges. Invite them to share what they find. Ask the young men to think about someone who may need to know these truths, and encourage them to think of ways they could share their testimonies of the plan of salvation.

  • Ask the young men to read Moses 4:1–2 and look for things they learn about the Savior and Satan in the Council in Heaven. What do we learn about the results of Satan’s actions from verses 3–4? How does this conflict continue on earth today? What is the Savior’s role in this conflict? What is our role? Invite the young men to express their feelings about the Savior and His willingness to follow His Father’s plan.

3. Plan to Act

Led by a member of the quorum presidency; approximately 5–10 minutes

  • Ask the young men to discuss any feelings or impressions they had during the meeting. What was meaningful to them? Is there something they can do personally or as a quorum to apply what they have learned?

  • Give the young men a few minutes to record what they will do in the coming weeks to act on their impressions. Invite them to share their ideas.

  • Remind the young men that they will have the opportunity to share their experiences at the beginning of the next meeting.