Hosea 8

Chapter 8

Both Israel and Judah have forsaken the Lord—The Lord has written the great things of His law to Ephraim.

1 Set the atrumpet to thy mouth. He shall come as an beagle against the house of the Lord, because they have ctransgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law.

2 Israel shall cry unto me, My aGod, we bknow thee.

3 Israel hath cast off the thing that is good: the aenemy shall pursue him.

4 They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and aI knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.

5 Thy acalf, O Samaria, hath cast thee off; mine anger is kindled against them: how long will it be bere they attain to innocency?

6 For from Israel was it also: the workman made it; therefore it is not God: but the calf of Samaria shall be broken in pieces.

7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall areap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

8 Israel is aswallowed up: now shall they be among the Gentiles as a bvessel wherein is no pleasure.

9 For they are gone up to aAssyria, a wild ass alone by himself: Ephraim hath bhired lovers.

10 Yea, though they have hired among the nations, now will I gather them, and they shall sorrow a little for the burden of the king of princes.

11 Because Ephraim hath made many aaltars to bsin, altars shall be unto him to sin.

12 I have awritten to him the great things of my blaw, but they were counted as a strange thing.

13 They sacrifice flesh for the sacrifices of mine offerings, and eat it; but the Lord aaccepteth them not; now will he bremember their iniquity, and visit their sins: they shall return to cEgypt.

14 For Israel hath forgotten his aMaker, and buildeth btemples; and Judah hath multiplied cfenced cities: but I will send a dfire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof.