Doctrine and Covenants 90

Section 90

Revelation to Joseph Smith the Prophet, given at Kirtland, Ohio, March 8, 1833. This revelation is a continuing step in the establishment of the First Presidency (see the heading to section 81); as a consequence thereof, the counselors mentioned were ordained on March 18, 1833.

1–5, The keys of the kingdom are committed to Joseph Smith and through him to the Church; 6–7, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams are to serve in the First Presidency; 8–11, The gospel is to be preached to the nations of Israel, to the Gentiles, and to the Jews, every man hearing in his own tongue; 12–18, Joseph Smith and his counselors are to set the Church in order; 19–37, Various individuals are counseled by the Lord to walk uprightly and serve in His kingdom.

1 Thus saith the Lord, verily, verily I say unto you my son, thy sins are aforgiven thee, according to thy petition, for thy prayers and the prayers of thy brethren have come up into my ears.

2 Therefore, thou art blessed from henceforth that bear the akeys of the kingdom given unto you; which bkingdom is coming forth for the last time.

3 Verily I say unto you, the keys of this akingdom shall bnever be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come;

4 Nevertheless, through you shall the aoracles be given to another, yea, even unto the church.

5 And all they who receive the aoracles of God, let them beware how they hold them lest they are accounted as a light thing, and are brought under condemnation thereby, and stumble and fall when the storms descend, and the winds blow, and the brains descend, and beat upon their house.

6 And again, verily I say unto thy brethren, Sidney Rigdon and aFrederick G. Williams, their sins are forgiven them also, and they are accounted as bequal with thee in holding the keys of this last kingdom;

7 As also through your administration the keys of the aschool of the prophets, which I have commanded to be organized;

8 That thereby they may be aperfected in their ministry for the salvation of Zion, and of the nations of Israel, and of the Gentiles, as many as will believe;

9 That through your administration they may receive the word, and through their administration the word may go forth unto the ends of the earth, unto the aGentiles bfirst, and then, behold, and lo, they shall turn unto the Jews.

10 And then cometh the day when the arm of the Lord shall be arevealed in power in convincing the nations, the bheathen nations, the house of cJoseph, of the gospel of their salvation.

11 For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall ahear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own blanguage, through those who are cordained unto this dpower, by the administration of the eComforter, shed forth upon them for the frevelation of Jesus Christ.

12 And now, verily I say unto you, I give unto you a commandment that you continue in the aministry and presidency.

13 And when you have finished the atranslation of the prophets, you shall from thenceforth bpreside over the affairs of the church and the school;

14 And from time to time, as shall be manifested by the Comforter, receive arevelations to unfold the bmysteries of the kingdom;

15 And set in order the churches, and astudy and blearn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with clanguages, tongues, and people.

16 And this shall be your business and mission in all your lives, to preside in council, and set in aorder all the affairs of this church and kingdom.

17 Be not aashamed, neither confounded; but be admonished in all your high-mindedness and bpride, for it bringeth a snare upon your souls.

18 Set in aorder your houses; keep bslothfulness and cuncleanness far from you.

19 Now, verily I say unto you, let there be a aplace provided, as soon as it is possible, for the family of thy counselor and scribe, even Frederick G. Williams.

20 And let mine aged servant, aJoseph Smith, Sen., continue with his family upon the place where he now lives; and let it not be sold until the mouth of the Lord shall name.

21 And let my counselor, even aSidney Rigdon, remain where he now resides until the mouth of the Lord shall name.

22 And let the bishop search diligently to obtain an aagent, and let him be a man who has got briches in store—a man of God, and of strong faith—

23 That thereby he may be enabled to discharge every debt; that the storehouse of the Lord may not be brought into disrepute before the eyes of the people.

24 Search adiligently, bpray always, and be believing, and call things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the dcovenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another.

25 Let your families be asmall, especially mine aged servant Joseph Smith’s, Sen., as pertaining to those who do not belong to your families;

26 That those things that are provided for you, to bring to pass my work, be not taken from you and given to those that are not worthy—

27 And thereby you be hindered in accomplishing those things which I have commanded you.

28 And again, verily I say unto you, it is my will that my handmaid Vienna Jaques should receive amoney to bear her expenses, and go up unto the land of Zion;

29 And the residue of the money may be consecrated unto me, and she be rewarded in mine own due time.

30 Verily I say unto you, that it is meet in mine eyes that she should go up unto the land of Zion, and receive an ainheritance from the hand of the bishop;

31 That she may settle down in peace inasmuch as she is faithful, and not be idle in her days from thenceforth.

32 And behold, verily I say unto you, that ye shall awrite this commandment, and say unto your brethren in Zion, in love greeting, that I have called you also to bpreside over Zion in mine own due time.

33 Therefore, let them cease wearying me concerning this matter.

34 Behold, I say unto you that your brethren in Zion begin to repent, and the angels rejoice over them.

35 Nevertheless, I am not well pleased with many things; and I am not well pleased with my servant aWilliam E. McLellin, neither with my servant Sidney Gilbert; and the bishop also, and others have many things to repent of.

36 But verily I say unto you, that I, the Lord, will contend with aZion, and plead with her strong ones, and bchasten her until she overcomes and is cclean before me.

37 For she shall not be removed out of her place. I, the Lord, have spoken it. Amen.