Doctrine and Covenants 4

Section 4

Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to his father, Joseph Smith Sr., at Harmony, Pennsylvania, February 1829.

1–4, Valiant service saves the Lord’s ministers; 5–6, Godly attributes qualify them for the ministry; 7, The things of God must be sought after.

1 Now behold, a amarvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.

2 Therefore, O ye that embark in the aservice of God, see that ye bserve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand cblameless before God at the last day.

3 Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are acalled to the work;

4 For behold the afield is white already to bharvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in cstore that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

5 And afaith, bhope, ccharity and dlove, with an eeye single to the fglory of God, gqualify him for the work.

6 Remember faith, avirtue, knowledge, btemperance, cpatience, dbrotherly ekindness, fgodliness, charity, ghumility, hdiligence.

7 aAsk, and ye shall receive; bknock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen.