Doctrine and Covenants 44

Section 44

Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon, at Kirtland, Ohio, in the latter part of February 1831. In compliance with the requirement herein set forth, the Church appointed a conference to be held early in the month of June following.

1–3, Elders are to assemble in conference; 4–6, They are to organize according to the laws of the land and to care for the poor.

1 Behold, thus saith the Lord unto you my servants, it is expedient in me that the elders of my church should be acalled together, from the east and from the west, and from the north and from the south, by letter or some other way.

2 And it shall come to pass, that inasmuch as they are faithful, and exercise faith in me, I will pour out my aSpirit upon them in the day that they assemble themselves together.

3 And it shall come to pass that they shall go forth into the regions round about, and apreach repentance unto the people.

4 And many shall be aconverted, insomuch that ye shall obtain bpower to organize yourselves caccording to the laws of man;

5 That your aenemies may not have power over you; that you may be preserved in all things; that you may be enabled to keep my laws; that every bond may be broken wherewith the enemy seeketh to destroy my people.

6 Behold, I say unto you, that ye must avisit the poor and the needy and administer to their relief, that they may be kept until all things may be done according to my law which ye have received. Amen.