Doctrine and Covenants 32

Section 32

Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson, in Manchester, New York, early October 1830. Great interest and desires were felt by the elders respecting the Lamanites, of whose predicted blessings the Church had learned from the Book of Mormon. In consequence, supplication was made that the Lord would indicate His will as to whether elders should be sent at that time to the Indian tribes in the West. The revelation followed.

1–3, Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson are called to preach to the Lamanites and to accompany Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer Jr.; 4–5, They are to pray for an understanding of the scriptures.

1 And now concerning my servant aParley P. Pratt, behold, I say unto him that as I live I will that he shall declare my gospel and blearn of me, and be meek and lowly of heart.

2 And that which I have appointed unto him is that he shall ago with my servants, Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer, Jun., into the wilderness among the bLamanites.

3 And aZiba Peterson also shall go with them; and I myself will go with them and be in their bmidst; and I am their cadvocate with the Father, and nothing shall dprevail against them.

4 And they shall give aheed to that which is written, and pretend to no other brevelation; and they shall pray always that I may cunfold the same to their dunderstanding.

5 And they shall give heed unto these words and trifle not, and I will bless them. Amen.