Gospel Living: Circles

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“Gospel Living: Circles,” New Era, Oct. 2020, page–page.

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Gospel Living: Circles

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Is the Circles tab a mystery to you? Do you only use it to let your class know you’ll be at the activity this week? Circles can do so much more!


The app automatically creates groups of people—circles—for you based on your membership information. It gives you a circle for your family, your Sunday School class, your quorum or Young Women class, and, depending on your calling, your presidency.


The most basic function of Circles is messaging. Simply type out your message and tap [send]. Your message then goes out to everyone in that circle.


If you have a family outing or a quorum or class activity coming up, you can create and share that event using Circles. Create a new Activity in Today, and then tap [share]. Choose [share in app], which will take you to Circles. Then you can send your Activity as a message that will show up on the calendars of everyone in that circle.


Share the inspiring content you find in Discover with your circles. Tap on a tile, then tap [share]. Choose [share in app], and you will be able to choose which circle you would like to send the content to.