How can I have a good dating experience in high school?
September 2020

“How can I have a good dating experience in high school?” New Era, Sept. 2020, 28–29.


“How can I have a good dating experience in high school?”

"What About Dating" - photos for Liahona, Dec 2012

Overcoming Fear

Joseph Coleman

“Being shy is really hard to overcome. Sometimes we overthink and end up backing out. The best thing to do is swallow your fear and maybe say a silent prayer. At times our fears can be beat by diving in headfirst.”

Joseph C., 17, Utah, USA

Be Interested

Quinn Mallory

“Look out for the people you date and always have their best interests in mind. Think of how the Savior would treat them. Take a genuine interest in them so they feel comfortable and know you are happy to be around them.”

Quinn M., 17, Michigan, USA

Make Plans

Landon Bagley

“Plan ahead! Your date will appreciate knowing what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what time you’ll be home. Your plans don’t have to be super elaborate or expensive. It’s easier to get to know your date better (and it’s much less stressful) when the date is simple, fun, and doesn’t cost too much money. Get creative!”

Landon B., 17, Idaho, USA

Worth the Wait

Katauna Perry

“Follow For the Strength of Youth. Wait until you are 16! It is hard sometimes, but worth it. Waiting until you are 16 gives you the perspective you need in order to have a healthy relationship with someone.”

Katauna P., 17, Utah, USA

Keep Trying

Ethan Frederick

“If you get rejected, don’t be discouraged. While it does hurt for a little while, Jesus Christ will help you through it. So, don’t be afraid, put yourself out there, and try again.”

Ethan F., 17, Florida, USA

Do What Is Right for You

Nicole Coello

“Sometimes, dating in high school just isn’t for you, and that is completely okay! Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. In the meantime, just learn to love yourself, be patient, stand out, and make sure to share your light with others!”

Nicole C., 18, Oregon, USA