March 2020

“Connect,” New Era, March 2020, 22–23


young man fishing

I really like fishing because I can get out in nature and just get away from life and be calm. I started going when I was about 10 or 11. I caught a really big fish, and that got me really excited to go out fishing with my dad. Now my dad and I compete in tournaments pretty often, and I’d like to become a professional bass fisherman someday.

To get really good at fishing, you have to spend time on the water. You have to try to educate yourself as much as possible by doing things like watching videos and talking to as many people as you can, and then just going fishing. It takes a lot of practice.

Just like with fishing, if you want to get a testimony and maintain it, you have to keep practicing—keep reading the scriptures and going to church and going to seminary and studying.

I’m the only member of the Church in my school. I drive to another town every morning for seminary where we have about 20 students. It’s been hard being the only member in my school, so I’ve just had to separate myself from some things. Fishing gives me something positive to do so I don’t have to feel like I have to be involved with other bad things.

Josh A., 16, California, USA

young man

One thing I love to do is roller skate. I try to learn new moves so I can improve my talent. When I think of how I can be a better person, I try to do what Christ would do. I feel that responsibility a lot because I am a deacons quorum president, so I strive to always make good choices.

Recently I got to plan an activity for my quorum. It was really fun and helped me want to serve others like my leaders have served and helped me.

Miguel H., 12, Portugal

young woman

A few months ago, I prayed that I could find a friend, but I felt like my prayers weren’t being answered.

Then one Sunday, I met a girl who had just moved in. I tried to be nice to her and treat her like a friend. We ended up becoming great friends! I’m glad I reached out and my prayer was answered.

Donelle N., 14, Idaho, USA