Your Priesthood Playbook (excerpts)

    “Your Priesthood Playbook (excerpts),” New Era, May 2019, 30–31.

    Your Priesthood Playbook (excerpts)

    circles and arrows in chalk like a sports play

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    Having enjoyed sports throughout my life, I have always admired those who develop their athletic abilities to the point where they perform at high levels. For someone to be really good at anything, it takes, in addition to natural talent, great discipline, sacrifice, and countless hours of training and practice. Such athletes often hear the sometimes-harsh criticisms of coaches and willingly put aside what they want now for something greater in the future. …

    In team sports, plays are developed for certain game situations and compiled into a playbook. Athletes learn their specific assignment for each play. Successful players study the playbook so thoroughly that when a play is called, they know exactly, almost instinctively, where to go and what to do.

    In a similar way, we holders of the priesthood also have a team (a quorum) and a playbook (the holy scriptures and the words of modern prophets).

    Do you strengthen your teammates?

    How well have you studied your playbook?

    Do you fully understand your assignment? …

    You know what temptations you are most vulnerable to, and you can predict how the adversary will try to derail and dishearten you. Have you created a personal game plan and playbook so that you will know how to respond when faced with opposition? …

    With a game plan, a playbook, and a firm commitment to execute your role, you will find that temptation has less control over you. You will already have made the decision of how you will react and what you will do. You won’t need to decide every time you are confronted with temptation. …

    Listen to your trusted coaches, such as your parents, bishop, and Young Men leaders. Learn the playbook. Read the scriptures. Study the words of modern-day prophets. Create your own game plan of how you will prove yourself as a disciple of Christ.

    Know in advance the plays you will use to strengthen your spirit and avoid the snares of the adversary. …

    … Your mission in this life [is] to learn the ways of the Lord, enter the path of discipleship, and strive to live according to God’s plan. You can do it. God will uphold and bless you as you turn to Him. You can do this because you are an all-star in His eyes.