“@LDSYouth,” New Era, Apr. 2019, 24–25.


Argentina: Family Life

I still miss my brother, Sergio. He, my sister, and I were very close. We spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. We loved to play and joke around. Before Sergio went on his mission, he baptized me. Sadly, though, he passed away while serving in Peru.

I believe that Sergio is in a better place and that he is an angel. My sister, Ximena, and I feel blessed to have him as a brother, and our parents feel blessed to have him as a son. I know that he is waiting for us. We must put forth our best effort to become an eternal family so that we can all be together forever.

I know our Father in Heaven loves us and wants the best for us. I love my parents and my sister very much. I try to take care of them and help them however I can, including working with my parents in our family store.

Sometimes I still get sad, but I can’t stay that way because I know that Sergio is happy, that he is in a safe place, and that he is all right. He loves us and protects us.

I have faith that we are going to be together again and be an eternal family. This faith helps me to stay strong.

Ruth O.,14, Argentina

Pennsylvania: Mother, Son, and Daughter and Violins

I want to serve a mission! The only problem is, I’m not even old enough to drive, let alone leave my family for a year and a half.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to serve now—by volunteering during the Philadelphia temple open house! I participated in the youth cultural celebration, led tours, and even played the violin with my brother in the reception hall. I realized that I can be a missionary without even wearing a tag!

Katie L., 15, Pennsylvania, USA

Conference Youth quotes, Nov. 2018 New Era

I was mad at my classmates. They had bad attitudes about a school project, and that was frustrating for me. Then I remembered that a speaker in general conference said we should forgive others and try to see them as God sees them. I realized that I have to try to be understanding of my classmates, and now I know that I should be there for them as God is there for me. God’s voice is sweet. It’s a voice that fills you with peace, security, and comfort.

That is the voice that created everything.

Manuel P., 17, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala