Who Knew?
June 2018

“Who Knew?” New Era, June 2018

Who Knew?

New Era Magazine, 2018/06 Jun

Let’s Celebrate

Father’s Day is most commonly celebrated on the third Sunday in June. But in some countries, it’s celebrated on a different pattern. Here’re some examples:

Australia: First Sunday in September

Brazil: Second Sunday in August

Denmark: June 5

Portugal: March 19

143 Years!

On June 10, 1875, the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association was organized. This later became the Young Men organization.

Happy Birthday!

Elder David A. Bednar’s birthday is on June 15.

Words of Wisdom: Hymn Vocab

Approbation: approval

“With your mutual approbation

Let me come and dwell with you.”

Hymn 292, “O My Father”

Bulwark: defensive wall

“Thou hast led us here in safety

Where the mountain bulwark stands”

Hymn 35, “For the Strength of the Hills”

Effulgent: shining brightly

“‘Come, follow me,’ a simple phrase,

Yet truth’s sublime, effulgent rays”

Hymn 116, “Come, Follow Me”

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