Who Knew?

    “Who Knew?” New Era, May 2018

    Who Knew?

    Who Knew?

    Photographs by rawpixel.com-stock.adobe.com and Getty images

    Temple Twins

    The Nashville Tennessee Temple and the Villahermosa Mexico Temple

    Happy 85th Birthday!

    President Henry B. Eyring’s birthday is on May 31!

    Let’s Celebrate

    Many countries around the world have a day to celebrate mothers. Here’s when Mother’s Day is in a few different countries:

    • United States: the second Sunday in May

    • United Kingdom: three weeks before Easter Sunday

    • Thailand: August 12

    • Costa Rica: August 15

    • Mexico: May 10

    Unexpected Reference

    Pizza Party

    Did you know pizza has been mentioned in at least five different general conference messages throughout the years? Here’s the list of those conference messages:

    Mutual idea: Have a pizza party and watch one or more of these messages. Discuss what you learned from or felt about the message, and enjoy the pizza!