Games and Activities

    “Games and Activities,” New Era, May 2018

    Games and Activities

    games and activities

    The Extra Smile

    family in tent in living room

    Setting up a tent for general conference is the best idea ever! Now, where can I roast these?

    Idea by David Dickson; illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley

    A Puzzle with Heart

    President Russell M. Nelson1 announced seven new temples during April 2018 general conference, 2 has studied Mandarin (the language of China), and 3 was a heart surgeon.

    Can you solve this seven-piece puzzle, known as a tangram (invented in China), by arranging the pieces in the shape of the heart below? Cut out the colored pieces—or trace and cut them—and start arranging! Hint: the parallelogram may be flipped over.

    Can you turn this

    into this?

    Conference Hink Pinks

    A hink pink is a pair of words that (a) rhyme, (b) have the same number of syllables, and (c) answer a riddle. These ones are (kind of) related to general conference.

    Example: Someone eating a big meal on the day when we celebrate the Resurrection. Easter Feaster

    1. A woman speaking in conference who gives 5 things to remember.

      ______________ ______________

    2. A person who provides food for a conference speaker.

      ______________ ______________

    3. A podium where people drink a glass of water as fast as they can.

      ______________ ______________

    4. A General Authority who joins metal pieces together with a torch.

      ______________ ______________

    5. The two people chosen to give the invocation and benediction.

      ______________ ______________

    6. A conference address that uses a parable about a boulder and a pebble.

      ______________ ______________

    7. A place where the Twelve can freely express their ideas.

      ______________ ______________

    8. Doctrine so powerful it removes the color from people’s hair.

      ______________ ______________

    9. A story that symbolically teaches a truth, printed on an item of clothing.

      ______________ ______________

    10. A more humble talk-giver.

      ______________ ______________

    Bonus: The less vibrant hue of the neckwear I own.______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

    2x Bonus: A message stuck to one’s snout after a cited passage. ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________


    A Puzzle with Heart


    Conference Hink Pinks

    1. sister lister

    2. leader feeder

    3. gulp-it pulpit

    4. Elder Welder

    5. prayer pair

    6. rock talk

    7. quorum forum

    8. bleaching teaching

    9. wearable parable

    10. meeker speaker

    Bonus: my duller tie color 2x Bonus: close-quote nose-note