Mutual Theme Song: Ask of God

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“Mutual Theme Song: Ask of God,” New Era, January 2017

Mutual Theme Song

Ask of God

New Era Magazine, 2017/01 Jan
New Era Magazine, 2017/01 Jan
New Era Magazine, 2017/01 Jan

You’ve been told so many things,

And you’ve been searching high and low.

You’re wondering what to believe.

There’s only one way to know.


If you ask, then He will answer.

If you kneel, He’ll make you whole.

If you close your eyes and whisper,

He will whisper to your soul.

If you’re hurting, He will heal you.

If you’re humble, He will come.

If you lack wisdom, ask of God. Ask of God.

And where you used to be afraid, cold, and lost out on the waves,

Now your faith will pull you through.

And where the wind tossed you around,

Now you’re standing on the ground, firmly anchored in the truth.

Line by line it slowly grows,

so much clearer than before.

A little time, a little hope.

And you’re not wondering anymore.