My Conference Action Plan

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“My Conference Action Plan,” New Era, May 2016, 26–27

My Conference Action Plan

See what these youth decided to do differently after listening to general conference.

Three days, six sessions, and 35 speakers flew by in a flash. Now what? See how these young men and women are making changes based on something they heard from our leaders.

Check out starting May 5 to see how their plans have made a difference in just 30 days.

Attend the Temple

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Katie-Lynn B.

While watching conference, I felt inspired to attend the temple more often. All over the world there are people who have to sacrifice so much to go, and I’m only a 10-minute drive away. I hear stories of struggles and the excitement when new temples are announced, and it makes me want to try harder to go to the temple on a regular basis. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a temple close by, and it’s an amazing blessing to be able to attend and feel the Spirit and His love for me.

Katie-Lynn B., 15, Nova Scotia, Canada

Read the Scriptures

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Owen O.

In conference, Mary R. Durham spoke about how the things of this world can drown out the things of the Spirit. To make sure this doesn’t happen to me, I’d like to read my scriptures every day. In the morning before I go to school, I like to go on my iPod and watch videos. Instead, I will read my scriptures. I hope this will help me recognize the Spirit and be ready to hear the Holy Ghost. Conference made me feel good and taught me how much Heavenly Father loves me.

Owen O., 12, Nova Scotia, Canada

Be Sincere in Prayer

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Summer C.

As the only Mormon at my school, it is sometimes hard to remember my true identity. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom spoke of our eternal roles as sons and daughters of God. I’m now motivated to be more sincere in my prayers. I pray a lot every day, but sometimes I’m too tired, rushed, or unfocused. I want to strengthen my identity as a daughter of God through sincere prayer and fasting. Through this, I hope to be a better influence so my friends at school will have a desire to find out who they truly are.

Summer C., 17, Hawaii, USA

Open Up to Promptings

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Brooke R.

Elder Hallstrom said the world can make us forget who we are and weaken our connection with Heavenly Father. No matter what I want or what I think I need, Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I have life-changing decisions to make soon, so I will open my heart to Heavenly Father and allow Him to prompt me. By doing this, I can connect to Him better and become my true self and the most righteous person my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

Brooke R., 18, Montana, USA

Listen to the Holy Ghost

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Grant H.

I have felt inspired to strive harder to strengthen my personal relationship with the Holy Ghost and diligently listen to promptings. I have set a goal to incorporate greater sincerity into my prayers and learn how the Spirit speaks to me. I will seek to be prompted daily for simple ways to serve others. Because of conference, I want to become an instrument for good in the hands of the Lord.

Grant H., 15, Maine, USA

Have the Desire

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Libby M.

I was really inspired by Elder Dale G. Renlund’s talk, especially when he said, “Our absolute distance from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is important, but the direction we are heading is even more crucial.” Often I feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to change in my life, and Elder Renlund’s words reminded me that having the desire to come closer to God and working toward becoming who He wants me to be matters more than how far I am in that journey.

Libby M., 15, Maine, USA

Find Ancestors

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Hyrum J.

I greatly enjoyed the talk by Elder Gary E. Stevenson focusing on ways to magnify the priesthood. One way is to find ancestors and perform ordinances in the temple. Right now I am serving as the teachers quorum president and a family history consultant. I feel that focusing on family history and temple work will help me in both callings as I strive to increase my priesthood power. Each month, I will find the names of 10 ancestors and then make sure their temple ordinances are performed.

Hyrum J., 14, California, USA

Forgive Others

My Conference Action Plan

Photograph courtesy of Johanan M.

Something that inspired me to change the way I live is Elder Kevin R. Duncan’s talk about forgiveness. When we are forgiving, we learn to tolerate others and to learn from them as well. As we forgive others, we get rid of pain in our hearts and any hatred we may have for them. I am going to try to forgive others and myself as well. From this, I can learn how the Atonement helps us to repent and to forgive.

Johanan M., 15, Illinois, USA