Make 10 People Smile Today!

    “Make 10 People Smile Today!” New Era, August 2015, 24–25

    Make 10 People Smile Today!

    10 smiles. 24 hours. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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    Photo illustrations by Welden C. Andersen

    Ever wanted to be a superhero?

    Read on! While we may not be able to teach you how to fly or to shoot lasers from your eyes, we can give you a mission that could help lots and lots of people. The Savior taught, “Ye are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14), and you can be a light to everyone you meet by reaching out and uplifting them.

    The New Era asked youth to be their own variety of superhero by trying to make 10 people smile each day; their experiences were incredible. Are you ready to take the challenge? Here’s how it worked out for them.

    “I found that making someone smile is not as hard as it seems. Sometimes all it takes is a joke or a friendly comment or a smile. Throughout my school day I saw countless people; some I knew, some I didn’t know, but that didn’t stop me. I tried to see people the way Christ would see them. Everything I said, I truly meant. I felt a connection between that person and me. But even more, I felt a stronger connection with my Heavenly Father. I know that as we strive to be more like Him through seeing and acknowledging our brothers and sisters, and looking for their Christlike qualities, we can see ourselves in the way Christ sees us and come closer to Him.”

    Blaire A., Utah, USA

    “I’d like to consider myself a professional in the smiling business. I know what it takes to make people smile. It didn’t take much to make my basketball teammate smile when I yelled, ‘You got it, Marty!’ from across the gym. It took a bit more to make one of the customers I was working with at my grocery store smile after they told me they were having a bad day. But talking with them a bit and joking about the cold weather quickly set those eyes sparkling. I think most people are searching for a reason to smile. Sometimes, though, in this tricky world, it’s a bit difficult to find a reason for a moment of happiness. Isn’t it wonderful that we get an opportunity to be the reason to smile? I think it is. Even if I’m not an artist or a child prodigy; even if I’m not written about in history books; and even if no one else remembers me but the little girl who was so excited because I liked the color of her shirt, I still have my smile. And I’m more than happy to pass it on. Why don’t you do the same?”

    Allie V., Nebraska, USA

    “When I was making people smile, I felt very pleased and happy when I helped someone have a better day. One person I made smile was someone who did not have very many friends. When I said hello with a smile, it put a big smile on his face. I also told my chorus teacher she was a great piano player. I love making people smile, because it is doing what Heavenly Father and the Savior want us to do.”

    Matthew P., Colorado, USA