Invitations Too Good to Pass Up

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“Invitations Too Good to Pass Up,” New Era, Dec. 2014, 20–21

Invitations Too Good to Pass Up

Youth share how weekly assignments and sharing experiences in Sunday classes have changed their lives.

Invitations Too Good to Pass Up

Illustration by Shaw Nielsen

When a teacher gave Brooklyn M., 18, of Utah, USA, an invitation during a Sunday class, it made a big difference. “A teacher asked us to tell ourselves each day that we’re beautiful daughters of God,” she says. “Now I’m happier, and it’s great to know that Heavenly Father loves us.”

As you give and accept weekly invitations based on your Sunday learning, they’ll help you apply the principles learned, share experiences in more meaningful class discussions, deepen your testimony of Christ, and change your life.

Calls to Take Action

How can invitations to act help you and your fellow class members change your lives? Consider these ideas.

  1. They should be meaningful, timely, and relevant to everyday life. “The weekly assignments help everyone get involved in the lesson,” says Derek H., 16, of Nevada, USA. “We all strengthen one another’s testimonies. I was invited to clean up my media and music and to listen to and watch only wholesome things. I did it, and I’ve had the Spirit with me a lot more.”

  2. Media, such as videos found at or can be a springboard. You can have class members watch the videos at home and then share their thoughts in class or through technology.

  3. Following up with midweek reminders helps. “When our teacher sends us a midweek text reminder, I’m more likely to remember it and act on it,” says Courtney M., 16, of Oregon, USA.

  4. Take Notes. Madison, G., 18, of Utah, USA, says the new class has strengthened her testimony. “I have a notebook so I can take notes and write questions and my feelings about the lessons.”

  5. Experiences and testimony from the assignments can be a way to start meaningful discussions. Coleman W., 16, of Utah, USA, observes, “The weekly invitations help me think about the topic all week rather than just during church. They’ve also helped the class bond as we feel the Spirit and share things we wouldn’t say otherwise.” And Anna M., 14, of Oklahoma, USA, says that the weekly assignments have helped with class discussions: “We always have something different to talk about each week as long as you did the assignment.”

The Spirit Teaches Us

“The class is more prepared and the atmosphere is different” with this focus on sharing experiences, says Parker J., 15, of Nevada, USA. “I can feel the Spirit easier now. When we learned about personal revelation, I challenged myself to try and receive inspiration more often, and it’s blessed my life.”

Bethany S., 19, of Florida, USA, sums up the importance of sharing experiences: “When it comes right down to it, we’re all children of God placed on this earth to grow and learn together. We come from so many walks of life. We struggle with different things. We feel differently, and the Spirit testifies to each of us in very personal and individualized ways. By sharing these insights, we can support one another.”