Our Spiritual Strength

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“Our Spiritual Strength,” New Era, Nov. 2012, 4

Our Spiritual Strength

President Henry B. Eyring

Developing Our Gifts

“Every person is different and has a different contribution to make. No one is destined to fail. …

“God knows our gifts. My challenge to you and to me is to pray to know the gifts we have been given, to know how to develop them, and to recognize the opportunities to serve others that God provides us. But most of all, I pray that you will be inspired to help others discover their special gifts from God to serve.”

The Holy Ghost Comes as We Serve

“Caring for those in need takes a team, a loving and unified society. That is what the Lord is building among you. He loves you for any part you play. …

“The Holy Ghost is sent to you and to those you care for. You will be strengthened and yet inspired to know the limits and extent of your ability to serve. The Spirit will comfort you when you may wonder, ‘Did I do enough?’

“I testify that the Lord will be with you and that your way will be prepared and marked for you by Him in your service to those He loves in their needs and trials.”

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God Knows Us

“Jesus Christ lives, knows us, watches over us, and cares for us. In moments of pain, loneliness, or confusion, we do not need to see Jesus Christ to know that He is aware of our circumstances and that His mission is to bless. …

… The day will come that we all will see Him face to face. Just as there is nothing now to obscure His view of us, there will be nothing to obscure our view of Him. We will all stand before Him, in person. … Our certain reunion with Him at the judgment bar will be more pleasing if we first do the things that make Him as familiar to us as we are to Him. As we serve Him, we become like Him, and we feel closer to Him as we approach that day when nothing will hide our view.”