Prayer of Thanks

“Prayer of Thanks,” New Era, Apr. 2012, 46–47

Prayer of Thanks

Cam H., Idaho, USA

One day my dad and I were trying to lead one of our cows into a trailer so we could take her to a sale. She did not want to cooperate, though, and she ended up jumping the fence. We began to lose all hope of getting her in the trailer as we watched her trot into the center of our neighbor’s cattle herd.

As I walked toward the herd, I said a silent prayer that we would be able to lead her back into our pasture without startling the other cattle. Almost immediately after I said this prayer, our cow separated from the herd and jumped the fence back into our field.

Later that day as we ate dinner, my dad shared this experience with the rest of our family. He explained that he had been praying that everything would go well so our family could make some money from the cow. I smiled and told him that I had done the same thing.

I will never forget his next words. He looked me in the eyes and asked, “Did you thank your Heavenly Father?” I thought about it and realized that I had not. That night I said a prayer of thanks. I thanked Him for answering my prayers, for my family, and for my dad, who is such a great example to me.