What Makes a Person Datable?

“What Makes a Person Datable?” New Era, Apr. 2010, 43

What Makes a Person Datable?

Have you ever wondered what makes one person seem more datable than another? Here are a few traits that can help you become prime dating material:

  1. A positive attitude. It’s no fun being around someone with a bad outlook on life. Be optimistic and cheerful, and others will naturally want to be around you.

  2. A smile. No amount of makeup or expensive clothing can compete with a sincere smile. Consider it your best accessory!

  3. A well-groomed appearance. People who take good care of themselves often take good care of others. Practice good hygiene and keep the dress and appearance standards in For the Strength of Youth ([2001], 14–15).

  4. Confidence. Take pride in who you are and what you believe. But don’t be arrogant—nobody likes to be around people who are condescending.

  5. A ready ear. A good listener will always be a good friend or date. Show genuine interest in what people have to say and they’ll always want to talk to you.

  6. Ambition. Have worthy goals and don’t be afraid to work toward attaining them. Don’t be afraid to try to new things.

  7. Respect. Show consideration for everyone, whether they are strangers, friends, parents, family members, or people you would like to date. Honor your priesthood and don’t misuse it or live unworthily. Respect your womanhood by dressing modestly and living gospel standards.

  8. Clean language. Refraining from using foul language shows restraint and a dedication to the gospel, as well as respect of yourself and those around you.

  9. A testimony. Testify of your love of the gospel by serving others and sharing your beliefs with them.

  10. Being an example. Make good decisions that are consistent with the teachings of the Church. People will admire you for your commitment to the gospel and Christlike behavior, and you will be happier.

Illustration by Cary Henrie