For the Strength of Youth: A Brand New Year
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“For the Strength of Youth: A Brand New Year,” New Era, Dec. 2009, 42

For the Strength of Youth

A Brand New Year

This year A Brand New Year is coming to you from around the world. Teens from every continent are talking about their testimonies and how to be strong in their own way. A DVD of the program will be sent to your ward and branch for the youth to watch together. Or go online to and watch on your own whenever you like.

Film crews interviewed teens talking about the values in For the Strength of Youth. Teens from around the world were told that this was their chance to talk to you, face to face. They took this opportunity very seriously. For many of them, they are the only ones in their school who are LDS. They are often the only LDS members in their groups of friends. They have strong testimonies and have taken this chance to talk to the world about what they believe.

Meet Ernesto from Mexico. Ernesto and his brother joined the Church. Even though they are the only two members in their family, they have taken the things they have learned and strengthened and honored their family.

Listen to Elle from England. When asked how she feels about education, Elle talks about how important getting a good education is to her. She also feels that learning a trade, learning about raising a family, and especially learning about spiritual things is important throughout your life.

One voice and many voices. Two songs were written for this program, and you can hear voices joining together from all over the world—700 teens in Toronto, or a group on the roof of a building in Hong Kong, or 300 singing at the This Is the Place monument. And you can hear the strength of a single voice singing out strong—from the islands of the Pacific to the tip of Africa, from the desert to the ocean. In addition to new songs, these teens also sing familiar Church hymns.

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will introduce the program. Then Brother David L. Beck and Sister Elaine S. Dalton, Young Men and Young Women general presidents, will talk to you.

Be sure to watch. You’ll love what you see and hear. These teens want to talk to you about the gospel and how they feel. Come listen to some new friends. NE