The Church in Zimbabwe
October 2009

“The Church in Zimbabwe,” New Era, Oct. 2009, 36

The Church in Zimbabwe

Missionary work began in what was then Southern Rhodesia in the early 1930s and was mostly being done by missionaries from South Africa making short visits. In 1950, eight missionaries were sent to Salisbury and Bulawayo, and the first convert was baptized in February 1951. The first services were held in a preschool building, and prospective members sat on tiny chairs. Later they met in the cloak room of a primary school.

In 1980 the government changed and the nation of Zimbabwe was formed. Membership was a little more than 1,000, but missionary work increased as local missionaries began serving full-time missions there. In January 1997 there were 6,360 members in Zimbabwe, and in just nine months the Church had grown to 7,100 members.

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