True Feelings
October 2009

“True Feelings,” New Era, Oct. 2009, 44–45

True Feelings

In D&C 45:10, the Lord says, “Wherefore, come ye unto [the gospel] and with him that cometh I will reason as with men in days of old, and I will show unto you my strong reasoning.” The very idea that the Lord wants to reason with me on an intellectual level opened my mind and understanding.

When I was 15, my Sunday School teacher, Brother Adams, challenged us to read the Book of Mormon. I took this challenge to heart and read the entire book. I prayed about it as Moroni instructed in chapter 10, verse 4. And nothing happened.

“So now what?” I asked myself. “Is this book really true?”

I began to ponder what I had read. I remembered how the words of the prophet Jacob had inspired me. Also, King Benjamin had spoken as a mighty leader. I had felt the Spirit as I read the words of both these prophets. As I read, the Holy Ghost had moved me to believe the principles of the gospel in these stories. Surely the whole of it has to be true. One cannot accept a part to be true and deny the rest. It is not reasonable. As the stories unfolded, the whisperings of the Holy Spirit were real. The Book of Mormon is true. It would also mean that the boy Joseph really did see the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ. This is the power of reasoning that our Savior Jesus Christ speaks of unto each and every one of us, the power of truth.