We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, June 2009, 48

    We’ve Got Mail

    Saying “No!”

    I really liked the article “Drawing the Line” (Mar. 2009). I believe sin is too readily accepted by the world, and we need to stand up and say, “No!” If kids do worldly things when they are young, it can ruin their lives. Youth of today live in trying times and need to have strong testimonies. I know God can help us overcome these trials. Thank you for publishing great articles. I know they help people, and I enjoy reading the New Era.

    Levi P., Iowa

    Going to the Temple

    Thank you for including “Why Do We Baptize for the Dead?” in the March 2009 New Era. I recently turned 12, and the article helped me understand the important ordinance I could participate in. I appreciate and enjoy having such a helpful, uplifting magazine in my home.

    Cassie H., South Carolina

    Finding Answers

    Thank you for this amazing magazine. I often have doubts about how I should behave in certain situations, and I find answers in the New Era. I know my Heavenly Father knows and helps me all the time, and He often does it through the magazine.

    Marina G., Uruguay

    Music Makers

    Thank you so much for this wonderful magazine. The article “Music Makers” (Mar. 2009) truly inspired me. I have been playing the piano for four years. Recently I have been learning hymns and sharing them at Mutual activities. Your report showed how other kids can do this, too. I now know that playing these hymns can really influence people’s lives. I even wonder if I could learn the organ and share my skills with others in sacrament meeting. Again, thank you.

    Sam L., California


    I just want to say that the Mormonad “Just Looking” (Feb. 2009) is fantastic—a startling comparison to the dangers of pornography and other traps. I wish you could make that image into a T-shirt. I avoid pornography like the plague, but now I want to avoid it even more. This poster reminds me of President Boyd K. Packer’s talk “Spiritual Crocodiles” (Oct. 2001).

    Robert A., Utah

    Why am I LDS?

    I really enjoyed the article “Why Am I LDS?” (Feb. 2009) by Blake Faulkner. It’s true about the way we face things, and how people of different religions react to them. It truly is a lifestyle, and it has the ability to be personal for every follower. I appreciate the message it shared and for the inspiration, knowledge, and exact words to describe why people are LDS. Thank you, Blake!

    Kayla L., Utah

    Source of Inspiration

    The New Era magazine is very helpful to Latter-day Saints all over the world. For me, it is a wonderful source of inspiration. It builds character! In the article “Climbing Back Up” (Mar. 2009), life is like climbing on a cliff. It has great options. How we deal with life is really a matter of personal choice. I am grateful that Heavenly Father is always willing to help us if we humbly turn to Him.

    Mitzi G., Qatar

    Illustration by Mark Shaver