The Extra Smile

    “The Extra Smile,” New Era, June 2009, 33

    The Extra Smile

    “It’s a beautiful day, boys! Why don’t you go outside and play?”

    “We tried, but the sunlight really made the TV hard to see.”

    Ryan Stoker

    “I’ve tried to hum my favorite hymn, but I sound so horrible that it just gives other people bad thoughts.”

    Jon Clark

    “When you told me to be home by 10:30, I thought you meant October 30th.”

    Randy Glasbergen

    “We’re here as a service project to repair the damage from the last service project.”

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    “At one Mutual activity my Beehive adviser was telling us that she had served her mission at the Liberty Jail for a time. One girl, who had only heard part of the conversation, looked up in shock at our adviser. “What crime did you commit?” she asked wide-eyed. Our adviser looked back bewildered. The girl went on, “You said you served time in jail!”

    —Melissa M., Texas