The Cover-Up

    “The Cover-Up,” New Era, June 2009, 45

    The Cover-Up

    My first couple of months working at the grocery store were the toughest. As a courtesy clerk, I bagged and carried out groceries, cleaned toilets, swept the floors, emptied the garbage cans, and stocked the shelves. It wasn’t easy getting into the rhythm and learning where everything was, but I managed.

    One day during those first two months, I was bagging groceries when I noticed a pornographic magazine cover in the magazine rack across from the checkout stand. At first I just tried to avoid it by working at other checkout stands. Eventually I realized that plan wouldn’t work, because sooner or later I would have to work in that checkout stand. So when things slowed down a little, I got one of the store advertisements from the newspaper rack and stuffed it in front of the magazine.

    I hoped that my trouble was over and that eventually they’d just throw out those magazines and put new ones in. But a week later I went in to work, and the advertisement I had placed in front of the magazine wasn’t there. Someone must have taken it down.

    The store was swamped with customers. I didn’t know what to do. The requirements of my job were such that I had to stay and work in that checkout stand. I was looking away as best I could, but that picture was right there, constantly tempting me. I was afraid that I would give in and look. So I said a silent prayer in my heart.

    Five minutes after I prayed, the supervisor of the whole store came down from his office and placed a plastic shield in front of that magazine.

    When we do our best to avoid temptation and ask Heavenly Father for help, He will hear us. Prayers are heard and answered.